“Taking this step is likely a daunting and courageous one for you. I offer a safe, supportive environment in which to help you deal with difficult problems. Whether you are unhappy, overwhelmed, struggling with relationship issues or are feeling stuck regarding your personal goals, I will actively listen, help identify unhealthy patterns and will help problem solve around how to break old habits so you can live more freely and feel more empowered. The more insight and awareness I will help you build, along with gaining better coping, such as reflection, mindfulness and self-care, the better you will feel.

As a therapist, my goal is to help clients reflect upon their feelings and encourage the expression of their own internal experiences.  I believe this is what promotes psychological health and resilience.  We are all often so committed to our work, family and friends that it is sometimes hard to focus on our own well being. These demands can take a toll and sometimes you may be left feeling drained, hopeless, or just in need of some guidance and support. I help my clients through difficult times and help identify strengths they often didn’t know they had.

My training and experiences are as diverse as the clients that I serve.   Fundamentally,  I strongly believe in the practice of insight- oriented therapy but I combine this approach with other treatment modalities that I have learned about over the years, such as cognitive behavior therapy, AEDP and mindfulness practices (more info on these practices under Common Questions).  With this range of tools to choose from, I always try to tailor treatment to what each client needs.

In addition, I have been fortunate enough to have learned from and work with some of the most talented clinicians in the field. I enjoy helping clients understand themselves better and am always appreciative of the privilege I have in helping patients overcome obstacles and make changes.  My stance is supportive, committed and validating. As I believe in our inherent strengths and capacity for healing and change, I strive to provide an experience where you will learn and thrive”.

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”
-Ernest Hemingway. A Farewell to Arms

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